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I am Pauline and this is my partner in crime in this project – the loam!
This project is part of my Masterthesis in Eco-Social Design.
I am fascinated by materials and love to experiment with them. Exploring the world of matter searching for environmentally friendly solutions, I found my way to these companions – the Dorodangos out of loam.
No matter how many Dorodangos I’ ve created for this project, I am still fascinated by the material and our interaction to transform the formless mass into a shiny creature.

I am happy that you found your way to the cycle of vitality and I hope you will have lots of fun creating your own Dorodango!

If you have questions or want to tell me something, feel free to contact me.
I am happy to hear from you!


Send me your Dorodango experiences!

For any other questions:


Here, you find all the stories of loam on Instagram!

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