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Hikaru Dorodango

Shining Mudball 

Hikaru dorodango means “shining mudball” in Japanese.
Dorodango describes the Japanese art of making mudballs from clay.

It is a meditative process, where layers of fine dirt are added to the surface of a muddy ball to a point at which the ball can be polished to a high sheen.

During this process, you dive into a meditative flow. The constantly repeating movements remain challenging, as the Dorodango can change from one minute to the other. Your mind stays busy, but you are disconnected from everything else.

The Cycle of Vitality is a collection of jointly created Dorodangos representing the vital resource loam. The process of creating a Hikaru Dorodango constitutes a contact zone where humans meet the material loam. There, the Dorodango-makers experience all stages of its becoming and its power to evoke actions. In this way, they start to rethink the current way of dealing with materials and objects.

 Create your own Dorodango. You find the instruction here.

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